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Documentary film draft.


THE INVISIBLE PEACE is a feature documentary, based on a relevant investigation, that brings to light, the source of those hidden forces, which planned, and in fact, executed the first world war. As a conclusion of this genocide, the peace treaty of Versailles was created (1918). The treaty that caused for the Hungarian nation, the greatest unjust humiliation in history and was signed in the palace of Trianon, in Versailles. This opinion never brought peace.


Genre: Documentary testimonial

Format: Feature film / television series

Marketing: World. In four languages

Duration: 120 '(4x30' TV)

The narrative is conducted by a guiding character. The testimonials are filmed in authentic or related locations. The statements of the researchers are confirmed by authentic documents and illustrations.

The content of the film is based on the work of numerous international researchers, who face to face participate in the film. We will carry out an exhaustive investigation, prior to filming, on the themes and works that already exist, to avoid repetitions or mistakes.


Discover, who, where and when the first and second world wars were planned.
Demonstrate the crime and the intentional humiliation they committed against the Hungarian nation.
Analyze from Hungarian point of view how the genocide against the nation was executed.
Analyze how that hidden power, achieved that millions of people from different nations were willing to take arms, kill each other, and die in a war.
Discover in detail, how they wrote Trianon's treatise, how they came to pronounce such a "peace", which until today is "invisible."
Discover why the following Hungarian governments were formed and did not bring before international juries, in the last 99 years, the points of the Treaty of Trianon and the following treaty of Paris, after the II. World War.
Find an explanation of why in the fragmented country, did not raise the investigation and vindication to what happened, or after the disintegration of the communist system in Europe (1989.)
Explain why Hungary is the only country that shares a border only with itself.


The first world war, is a crucial point in the history of mankind. It was believed that the war would last for a few weeks, but it lasted four years, three months and fourteen days.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Habsburg, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, committed in Sarajevo by the Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip, on June 28, 1914, caused the start of hostilities between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

"In all Europe the lights are turned off now; it may happen that we never see them again, "was the prediction made on August 3, 1914, by British Foreign Minister Edward Gray, signifying the death of" old Europe ". The causes of the wars are always deeper than their triggers, one death was enough for an armed conflict, which began with clashes in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Serbia, escalate to Russia and then spread to 32 nations. A war that should have put an end to a series of belligerent acts, caused the origin of new confrontations, generating millions of people died from causes they did not know. Citizens of different nations left their homes, to take arms, obeying orders of politicians; They went to the battlefields to kill simple citizens of other countries. It was a global war, which extinguished the lives of 15 million people.

At the end of the first world war, the countries in conflict signed the "Treaty of Versailles", an agreement of "peace" endorsed in France on June 28, 1919, after the ceasefire and the acceptance of the defeat of the "First World War "by the Germans.

After the "Great Depression" and a treaty of "peace" that left in Germany a feeling of impotence, the reduction of the army, the payment of expensive compensations and the disappearance of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; On September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland and with a mixture of political, economic, social and ideological factors began "The Second World War." War that left a close balance of victims to 2.5% of the world population, millions of Jews massacred in the Holocaust and the nuclear explosions in Japan - Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Justice for Hungary!


Nowadays it is known, that the first world war was planned and provoked. The real intention was, the elimination of the monarchies: Austro-Hungarian Empire, the German Empire, the car of Russia, the Ottoman Empire, the Chinese Empire. These nations were degraded and submerged in a trap of "constitutional" debts enslaving them under the power of banking systems, under the doctrine of some "ism". They were forced to sacrifice their culture and traditions, knowing that a people that loses its past and its traditions, ceases to exist.

Under what interest could such genocide happen on planet Earth. Who or who planned the process that now, after 99 years, has been demonstrated? Did the war masters achieve their goal? Has a hidden control power been formed and established? This power that denies its own existence, made a giant step and formed the NEW WORLD ORDER? Furthermore, did the transformation of the Earth towards the WORLD STATE without borders and without nations begin?

This was the reason for eliminating the sovereign states of the social order and the independent economy. What shows what happened to the group of losers?

Nowadays accredited investigators reveal, on the basis of authentic sources, the indisputable genocidal intention of certain secret societies. This information was only partially revealed.


The reason

The history of humanity is the history of wars. In the beginning, wars were the cause of dictators' personal ambitions, or scarce resources. Suddenly a force appeared, financing political groups, and they realized that generating social discontent, the crowd is manipulable and dominable. They convinced the masses of the need for radical social change, so life would be just and better!


Masonry appears on the stage. "Freedom, brotherhood, equality" These slogans caused bloodshed, and social change, but life has not changed for the better, nor to be more just. Force, encouraging more discontent, continues to exercise its power. War breaks out, and nations around the world attack each other. 15 million deaths is the result. Horrible, however, forgotten and unpunished facts guide the course of the war. The investigations reveal numerous hidden facts. Who are the Zionists? What is your intention?


The end of the war shows that the intentions of the planners were fulfilled. The most damaged of the opinion of peace, is the Hungarian nation. What exactly happened? How did the points of sanctions reach that treaty? Who signed it? Enemies of the nation? How was it possible for these points to be executed?

On the international stage 1917; Lenin, takes power in Russia, in China Mao arrived, Turkey lost much of its territory and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk called the Muslims to the "Holy War" against English, French, Russians, and in 1920 he recovered half of its territory lost through negotiations. (Treaty of sevres)

When the analysts say: "Interest of Germany, England, China or Japan", in whom will they be thinking: in Joe, in Hans, in Jaques, or Ali? ... because in the battlefield it was they who gave their lives for these interests; stacked in common graves were victims and not beneficiaries of vested interests.


As a continuation of the "Great War", in the Soviet Union 20 million more died in the Leninist dictatorship. The repression of Mao had even more victims. As a continuation of the first, 40 million more died in the second war. The holy war of Islam attacks with new forces, not with weapons, but with backpacks, warriors arrive in Europe, jumping with talenqueras.

Why? By whom?

Obvious the question, why in the last one hundred years there was no brotherhood, freedom, equality and much less, peace. So much so, that these days we are spectators of the disintegration of Europe. History is written by the victors, in such a way, that the vanquished believe, that for them, this is better. Wars are raging all the time, keeping over humanity the shadow of the ghost of the "Third World War" possibly, the last war on the planet.


"To hell with Trianon"

It is necessary that all the inhabitants of the Earth know the coincidences and the relationships between the facts.

It is necessary, that all Hungarians inside and outside the current borders, be aware, of the crime and genocide, that was committed against their homeland.

It is necessary, that all Hungarians feel, that they belong to this nation, no matter in what part of the earth they live.

It is necessary that the Hungarian Nation achieve a moral claim for the atrocities committed against this country, to restore consciousness and self-esteem in themselves.

In the year of the centenary (2020.) various events and demonstrations will take place all over the world.



The film for its controversial content can not wait for institutional or state support.

It is necessary the massive collaboration of individuals, civil organizations, communities, independent governments, Cross foundig servezetek, among other ways of obtaining financing, to bring to light this important and tenacious research.

Long Documentary


The CMM TV team. based on the in the ideology of the community called: Sociedad Consiente, decided to make the Documentary Feature Film:

"THE INVISIBLE PEACE" for celebrating the centenary of the validity of Trianon's ruling, June 4, 1920.

Support – Trianon Film

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