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Documentary film draft.

Community-funded documentary series

"Certain areas of history research are forbidden today. Some topics have become untouchable taboos, and their research is administrative and financial, in some cases restricted by legal means, and even explicitly prohibited."

CMM TV's cast, Trianon Film Production, has set out to produce an unveiling and breakthrough documentary series.

Thanks to the work of the International Masonry Mine, this New World Order and World State, which has been planned for thousands of years, is now being realized.

When was the Plan of the World State born? Who are the designers and the executors? Who are the chosen ones who have systematically organized and built their secret plans for thousands of years?

Who are those who, by breaking the rule of the world, have thrown upon mankind a multitude of wars? How and for what purpose did you prepare the New World Order for the realization of a supranational World State?

Well-known, visible history does not answer the questions. This secret organization is invisible, hidden, and denies itself.

In our films, we reveal the origin, birth, development and operation of the Secret Power Elite over the States.





With the conclusion of the peace treaties following the First World War, an era in the history of mankind ended. There was a system change.

Based on the text of Dr. János Drábik's textbook, the film introduces the creation and organization of the Superpower of the States that prepared and launched the Great War. This Secret Elite, within the British World Empire, was strengthened to create the New World Order it imagined. History education and academic historians obscure, conceal the names of the real perpetrators, their original intentions, which triggered the Great War, which eventually led to the splitting of 1000-year-old Hungary.

This film is made as a standalone 6-part short film series.



"If we look back at the evolution of humanity, we see that it is a struggle between two basic cultures. One is for life and the other is for fish. Currently his death culture seems to be triumphant. If you stay that way, you will fulfill your mission.

The wars of mankind did not start with the name I. The war of the worlds began about 5,000,000 years ago, ending the peaceful, building, and evolving Golden Age. The idyll is over, and a series of world wars are starting, which, if you think about it, will continue to this day.

Our film presents this hidden history, hoping that it is not too late and that it can still turn its backs on the end game of humanity's struggle for its existence. "



"We are living the end-days of nation-states, of European culture. But fatal processes do not only affect Europe. All continents, the entire human race, have fallen into the hands of usury civilization.

If we look at the processes that dominate the world, we can see that humanity is being subjected to slavery and unconsciousness. The disguise of liberalism, the unification of the multicultural, the states of the continents, and their amalgamation into a single world state, is going smoothly. A number of nations have already lost consciousness. We are in the shack.

The essence of "globalization" is conspiracy. Moreover, it is a conspiracy of unscrupulous, cynical destructive forces that are now directly threatening humanity as a whole.

Modern man has unraveled the once-existing organic value system that helped him build a harmonious relationship with nature that was still present in the great ancient cultures of mankind, so that the resulting alienation is close to extinct as dinosaur.

The culture of life exists and can still be found on the earth. If we return to this norm and strive for harmony with our living and lifeless environment, we will survive the destruction of this miserable two centuries. "


Title:                           THE INVISIBLE PEACE

Genre:                         Testimonial documentary

Format:                       Cinema feature film / television series

Marketing:                  Worldwide. In four languages

Duration:                     120' (4 x 30' TV)



Trianon-Film Production

Cg 01-09-195239 / 29

Tax number: 25022454-1-42

Headquarters: 1064 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 57. 2nd em. 14th

Email address:

MagNet Bank: 16200223-10064401


Imaging and registration

Cinema Cameras:

Black Magic Design Pocket Pro. (Series) 4K. Black Magik RAW. / 3: 1/12 bit

Sony A7s III. (series) 1920 x 1080/50 - 100fps. XAVC - S / 12 bit

Drone Mavic II. Pro Hasselblad 4K.

Go-Pro 07 Black 4K


Rokinon prime serie Cine DS - XEEN

Zoom Sigma 18-35mm.

Zoom Tokina 11-16mm.

Canon 300mm.

Camera motion:

Ronin MX

Slider Edelkrone Pro - Long

Bridge cage system

Workflow - post production

Media: Samsung T5 SSD / CFAST

Cutting, Special effects, Gloss,

Mac Pro, DaVinci Resolve

Final, exibition storage: DCP - ProRes

Lighting: LED panel system


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Adomány összege: 10,000Ft


Films can be realized as a result of broad social engagement.
Please, as far as possible, contribute financially to you and the organization / community you represent to achieve this noble goal.



Amount of aid received
688 000 HUF
59 donor

Each of these films is a spectacular, well-documented and documentary film, which is an entire evening. The content is based on the work of independent researchers who will be featured in the series. The rotation was preceded by a thorough pre-fabrication or research phase, which required a great deal of time due to the shortness of time.

The works are not only meant as "wake-up films". It is also our goal to show the way out to humanity that has come to the crossroads.

Social media

"Wars never break out of the will of a people or a society.

People just want to be happy ... Family, kids, security.
Wars always invent a greedy power elite, disregarding the multitude of lives sacrificed. Why?
Because in the meantime, they make a great fortune. "


Juhász Zoltán

Juhász Zoltán

Executiv producer, szerkesztő, rendező

64 éves. A CIVIL MULTIMÉDIA NONPROFIT Kft. ügyvezető igazgatója. 2016 óta működteti a CMM online médiafelületeit. Közel 900 videó, elkészítésében vett részt.

Dr. Drábik János

Dr. Drábik János


Dr. Drábik János, közíró, a Szabad Európa Rádió nyugdíjas vezető programszerkesztője. Rendszeresen szerepelt a CMM Tv, az ECHO TV műsoraiban. A Fix TV minden kedden új programot sugároz vele, amelyben aktuális történelmi és társadalompolitikai kérdésekről fejti ki véleményét.

Dávid Gyula svc.

Dávid Gyula svc.


68 éves. A Magyar Televíziónál formált operatőr. 40 évig élt Venezuelában, egy éve hazatelepült. 1800 reklám és több mint 100 dokumentumfilm operatőre. (National Geographic, Discovery Chanell, Duna TV. etc.) Nemzetközi operatőr díjakat kapott, főiskolák és egyetemek operatőr tanszékeinek tanára.

Csillag Endre

Csillag Endre

Vágó, 3D animáció, zenei szerkesztő

62 éves. Zenélt a Hobo Blues Band-ben, a Kormoránban, az Edda és a Bikini gitárosaként lett igazán ismert. A becenevét (Csuka) is az Eddában kapta. A zenekarnak 1985 és 1987 között volt tagja. Az Edda művek 6. című albuma, melyen ő gitározik, gyémántlemez lett.

Juhász Péter

Juhász Péter

Drón pilóta

32 éves. Repülősporttal kezdte kapcsolatot a magassággal, 6 éve foglalkozik videók készítésével, Specialitása a légi-felvételek készítése.

Kratofil Zita

Kratofil Zita


Utazás szervezés, idegenvezetés a fő szakterülete.

Bakonyi Sándor

Bakonyi Sándor

Dr. Csiby Károly

Dr. Csiby Károly

Producer, műfordító

"Szerettem az igazságot, gyűlöltem a méltatlanságot, ezért halok meg száműzetésben." (Németh László: VII. Gergely)

Rozgics Mária

Rozgics Mária


65 éves, ötven éve újságíró. Számos médiumnál dolgozott, egyebek között a Zsaru Magazinnál, Új Magyarországnál, Napi Magyarországnál, Magyar Nemzetnél, Magyar Fórumnál, Demokratánál, a Vasárnapi Újságnál. 2002-ben önálló lapot – a Világ Magyarságát - alapította.